Grater Woods & Pond Parish

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Grater Woods & Pond Parish

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Grater Woods and Pond Parish are two large parcels of land that are owned by the town’s conservation commissions.  Grater Woods is a 96-acre parcel located in Merrimack and abuts Pond Parish, which is a 174-acre parcel in Amherst.  These trails systems offer a wide variety of fun and challenges.  The trails are rocky double ATV trails or twisty single track. There are about 10 miles of trails to be riden.

Both Grater Woods and Pond Parish are riddled with large wetlands and for most of the year there is guaranteed mud.  Along with the water and mud come bugs.  This is not the best place to ride in May unless you want the black flies and mosquitoes to help you ride faster.  Recently, logging activity has made some of the trails difficult to follow.

From the back of the parking lot turn right onto the trail and descend the rocky hill to get to Pond Parish.  Pond Parish is a fast single-track loop with little technical challenge.  This is a great place to ride fast. Once completed enjoy the leg-burning climb back to Grater Road.  At the end of Grater Road the trail to Grater Woods is on the left.  Grater Woods is riddled with double track and old logging roads.  The New England Mountain Biking Association is in the process of building single track in Grater Woods.  Currently there is a 2-mile tight and twisty single track called Millipede.  Millipede offers a variety of challenges from log rolls to drops and steep climbs.  Part of Grater Woods was recently logged and some of the old logging roads have been affected.  Be sure to study the map with the surrounding roads if you want to explore.  There are many more trails than what this book’s map shows.  Keep your ears open because jeeps and ATVs are common here.

Owned, managed and maintained by the towns of Merrimack and Amherst's Conservation Commissions

15 Grater Road, Amherst NH
From Route 101 take the Route 122 exit for Amherst.  Turn onto Baboosic Lake Road and follow for about 5 miles. Grater Road will be on your right.

By Peter DeSantis & Beth Woodbury
Taken from their book
Get out and Mountain Bike! Southern New Hampshire.
© Copyright 2005

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