GB NEMBA - Landlocked Forest Thursday Ride

Event Date

6/3/21 6:00pm to 7:45pm

Friendly Thursday night LLF ride. We are offering 4 groups this week - listed in order of pace, with Adam leading the fastest and Mark leading a mellow ride.

Landlocked Forest is beautiful expanse of trails. The terrain is modestly technical with plenty of rocks and roots but mostly flowing singletrack. Practically all technical features including drops, jumps, large rocks, etc have a B line. These rides use second rider drop format to keep things moving but will stop to regroup occasionally - less in the faster rides.

Ride Pace will have slight variations and the best way to know what you are in for comes for riding with each lead in turn - work your way up in speed over time and start on a slower pace than you think for your first LLF group ride.

Two steps to riding bliss:

1. Sign your waiver (once a year!):

2. Pre-register here. Rides listed in descending order of ride speed from Faster Group #1 to Mellow Group #4

Group #1 Lead by Adam/Matt Sweeps:

WHEELS UP AT 5:30PM!!! Group #2 Lead by Jon K./Rob Sweeps:

Group #3 Lead by Mary/Eugene Sweeps:

Group #4 Lead by Mark/Casper Sweeps:



Landlocked Forest, Estabrook School, Lexington


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Mary McCarthy