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Fox Park Trails, Plymouth

19 Prince Haven Rd.
Plymouth  New Hampshire  03264
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Fox Park Trails on Price Haven Road, Plymouth, NH

Pemi Valley NEMBA's largest project to date!  Fox Park has several long, hand built long looping switchbacking trails.  There are quite a few hills to climb. But then you get some truly awesome flowy downhills, as your reward. There are plenty of tight tight technical sections and lots of hand made berms on the tighter corners. First time visitors may well find themselves off their bikes a bit. But by your second time around you'll know what to expect and the trails will seem much easier.

 All of the singletracks are designed to be ridden in both directions, and each direction brings it's own set of challenges and rewards.

There's a short beginners loop, But most true beginnners will find it a bit daunting.

While there's a little something for everyone at Fox Park, people who favor technical challenges will be happiest here. 

Stop by Rhino Bikes to get trail recommendation, and first hand accounts of the system.

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A Warm Welcome to Franconia Area NEMBA

Saturday, May 2, 2015

On May 2nd, 2015 NEMBA Board of Directors voted unanimously to grant Franconia Area NEMBA chapter status.  We welcome Franconia Area NEMBA to the organization and are confident that they’ll do great things for the sport and for the trails.

Their goal is to preserve, maintain, and develop the trails in the Franconia, Easton, Sugar Hill, Bethlehem, and Littleton region and to promote the growth of the mountain biking community and educate the general public about responsible and sustainable biking.

They plan to work not only with local towns and land trusts, but also to partner with the Appalachian Mountain Club, Plymouth State University and The White Mountain National Forest. The area is rich in open space protection and recreation, and the new chapter will allow for mountain bikers to get more involved in protecting and shaping the future of the sport.


Franconia Area

  • Franconia Area NEMBA was founded in 2015 to help steward, promote and improve the extensive network of trails in the Ammonoosuc Valley, which run north and west of Franconia Notch. The Ammonoosuc Valley extending from Bretton Woods to the Connecticut River offers extensive riding opportunities with gentle terrain in the valleys and challenging singletracks in the hills with stunning vistas along the way.

    The Profile Trails Network includes the trails in the Franconia Easton Sugar Hill region with connections planned to neighboring towns of Bethlehem and Littleton. The center of the network is Dow Park and Fox Hill in the village of Franconia. There are restrooms behind the Chamber of Commerce in the Town Hall parking lot. Cannon Mountain, Franconia Notch State Park and the White Mountain National Forest are located on the south side of Franconia. The Cooley Jericho Community Forest owned and maintained by Ammonoosuc Conservation Trust is located at the junction of Easton, Landaff and Sugar Hill and includes a newly built trail system including a purpose-built single track that connects Trumpet Round Road in Sugar Hill to Route 116 in South Easton by Connection to the NFS Jericho Road Trail and several hike bike multi-use trails.

    The Profile Trails cover private as well as public lands, is maintained by volunteers and is shared with community users in all seasons. We depend on the generosity and goodwill of private landowners to preserve the integrity of the network, and ask that all trail users be respectful of land owners, fellow trail users, and the trails themselves.

    Join our chapter and help make this area even better for mountain biking!


  • Franconia Area Trail Grooming

    Click here for details

WMNEMBA Benifits From Recent Bike Swap

Friday, June 6, 2014

Stan and Dan Sports 1st annual Bike Swap was recently held with 10% of the proceeds going to  WMNMBA and 10% to MWV Biking Club. Lots of great deals were to be had. They had 110 bikes and bike items put up by owners and over a 3rd sold providing WMNEMBA with over $100 donation! Many enjoyed the opportunity to ride with our own local grown pro rider Peter Ostroski, part of the Rocky Mountain Altitude Team.

Local club members showed up and helped with the bike swap, demo Rocky Mountain bikes and just hang out with fellow riders. MWV Radio also was on hand for a remote broadcast. In all a good day and WMNEMBA benefited both with a check and a new bike shop who’s grand opening included a fundraiser for us! Thanks Stan, Dan and crew!

Upper Saco Valley Land Trust

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Upper Saco Valley Land Trust is engaged in a campaign to close out the purchase of an easement on the land surrounding Mount Surprise, which includes a number of singletrack trails, and the top of Mount Surprise (north of hurricane mountain road). It would be nice to have mountain biker support for this project, to show that we are engaged in these land projects and are an interested player. We have a vision of an epic singletrack that connects the Conway Forest, Whitaker and the (to be created) Rail Corridor Trail along the sidehill of Kearsarge North to the base of red tail – this is the first piece (and already has nice trails on it!).

Please consider donating to the campaign – whatever amount, whether $5, $50 or $500, will be noticed – We want to be able to show the USVLT board (and this and future land donors) the huge number of mountain bikers that contributed. You can donate by clicking on the donate button on this link.

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Welcoming our newest chapter: Pemi Valley NEMBA

Friday, June 6, 2014

On behalf of NEMBA's Board of Directors, we welcome our newest chapter representing the Plymouth, Campton, Thornton and Waterville Valley areas of New Hampshire.

Here is their petition to form a new chapter:

Please consider this our formal petition to become a chapter of the New England
Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA). Upon acceptance by the NEMBA Board of Directors,
our group will be called “The Pemi-Valley NEMBA (PEMI-VALLEYNEMBA)”.

Over the past three decades, our local mountain biking community has established a large network of trails in the Plymouth, Campton, Thornton and Waterville Valley areas. These trails range from beginner to advanced, and are built on a combination of private, public and federal land. The majority of our core riders believe it is in the best interest of the community and trails to form an organized group under the NEMBA affiliation.

On May 2, 2014, a meeting was held in Campton, NH with the purpose of determining
if there was enough interest to support a local NEMBA chapter. The group of twenty individuals in attendance represented the core of our mountain biking community, as well as the two local bike shops. The overall consensus was extremely positive, and the decision to approach NEMBA was unanimous. Since our initial meeting, our membership email list has increased to over 100 recipients and is growing.

Subsequently, on May 22, 2014, a small group met with NEMBA representation to discuss the petitioning process, and as a result formed an interim board of directors:

Jeremy Hillger - President
Mike Avery - Vice President
Craig Antonides - Vice President
Sean O’Leary - Treasurer
Butch Simones - Trail Manager
Slade Warner - Public Relations
Mike “Shredder” Bombara

In addition, the group recognized three immediate priorities; formation of the chapter, construction of a beginner trail network in Waterville Valley, and re-establishing a productive relationship with the National Forest Service.

Although our trail networks are expansive, much of the past work has been done in an informal fashion and is currently unmarked. Currently there is single track riding at multiple areas in Plymouth (Gyroscope, Langdon Park and Fox Park), the Holderness Preparatory School, Rattlesnake Mountain in Rumney, the Welch-Dickey region in Thornton, as well as the National Forest Recreation Area known as Smarts Brook. The latter is the trail system of most concern as the riding is excellent, but any historical relationships with the Forest Service have been inconsistent. Currently, this particular area is at the top of our priority list.

We believe the time has come to legitimize the riding in this area by organizing a formal group that will build relationships with landowners and agencies. Through these partnerships we hope to preserve, build and maintain environmentally conscious trail systems, as well as promote responsible mountain bike riding across the region. We look forward to working with private landowners and organizations, like the Waterville Valley Foundation, Beebe River Nature Conservancy, Waterville Estates, while also building a functional relationship with the National Forest Service.

In addition, we are optimistic that any relationship with NEMBA will bring the resources we need to increase local and long range enthusiasm for the area. We look forward to hosting events that will promote proper trail building and maintenance, as well as riding etiquette. Eventually, we will reach the point where we can provide legitimate literature and maps, that will help the novice rider enjoy all the area has to offer. It is our sincere hope that these efforts will improve our already great riding, as well as support our local communities by raising interest and environmental awareness.

Mission Statement

Pemi-Valley NEMBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to working with other
organizations to plan, build, maintain, promote, and enjoy sustainable mountain bike trail
systems in the Pemi-Valley Region of New Hampshire. We work closely with land managers, private landowners, local governments, and Federal groups to preserve access to sustainable trails for mountain bicyclists of all abilities. We sponsor events to promote wellness through sustainable outdoor recreation.

On behalf of the Pemi-Valley Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your time, patience and consideration.


Jeremy Hillger
Interim President

Pemi Valley

Pemi Valley NEMBA was founded in the spring of 2014 in order to steward and expand upon a large network of trails in the Plymouth, Campton, Thornton and Waterville Valley areas. These trails range from beginner to advanced and are built on a combination of private, public and federal land. Our mission is to work closely with land managers, private landowners, local governments, and Federal groups to preserve access to sustainable trails for mountain bicyclists of all abilities. We sponsor events to promote wellness through sustainable outdoor recreation.

Northern NH

Moose Brook State Park, Gorham

Jimtown Rd
Gorham  New Hampshire  03581
United States










Gorham NH Off Rt 2, Jimtown Rd


Moose Brook State Park in Gorham NH offers camping, swimming and of course mountain biking. The park's 774 acres host a number of excellent singletrack trails as well as some scenic relaxing dirt roads. It's a fun place to ride and a great place to bring the family for a picnic.

There are 59 campsites which are open Memorial Day weekend to Columbus Day weekend. Call 1-877-647-2757 to make a reservation,

Notes: From the State website:

"Located in the White Mountains Region, just north of the Presidential Range, Moose Brook State Park is in an area of unparalleled scenery and offers a variety of outdoor activities. The park is ideally located for fishing in the Peabody and Moose rivers. Moose Brook flows through the park, and after passing through a shallow warming pool, feeds the swimming area with cool, clear mountain water. Picnicking and swimming are enjoyed against the scenic mountain backdrop. The many trails in the park are great for exploring on foot or mountain bike."

White Mountains NEMBA Description and MAP Read more about [node:title]

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Northern NH

Great Glen Trails, Gorham

1 Mount Washington Auto Road
Gorham  New Hampshire  03581
United States

(603) 466-2333








Located in Northern New Hampshire right next to Mt Washington Great Glen offers a wonderful mountain bike experience. Like most for fee facilities you can expect that the trails are well maintained and that they were created with mountain biking in mind. This is not the case at most of the places where we ride. Normally, as we all know, we're mostly riding around on trails that were made by others. Old logging roads, motorcycle and ATV trails, utility rights of way, and long existing foot trails. Trails that in short, while lots of fun, weren't really designed with mountain biking in mind.

Great Glenn is an exception to that. The trails here were designed for mountain bikers, and designed to be fun for mountain bikers. And riders of all ability levels and ages can and will enjoy themselves here.

Check out last year's 24 hour race at Great Glen.

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Northern NH

Black Cap, North Conway

Hurricane Mountain Road
North Conway  New Hampshire  03818
United States








The ride start with a big climb, or drive to the top of a narrow winding mtn road (do-able by normal cars). Driving saves two miles of climbing, but you'll need to get back to the car somehow. Then a 1 mile technical single track climb, to a nice 2 mile single track downhill,and then, a 1.5 mile high speed dirt road downhill. There are great views on this ride and a cool place (Horsefeathers) to get a beer after riding.

Take RT 16N thru North Conway, NH.
One mile north of the village, turn right on Hurricane Mtn rd. Drive, or ride to the top.
Turn right onto the Black cap trail (marked) 1 mile up to 1stright(Cranmore).
Beautiful single track to a dirt road down Cranmore ski area.
Do it again or ride to N.Conway!

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