CC NEMBA Trail Build


12/19/21 8:45am

CC NEMBA Maple Swamp Trail Work Day

When: This Sunday 12/19 @ 8:45am

Location: Maple Swamp Parking Lot located on Service Road in Sandwich.

Our mower Mark has time to mow one of the two new trails with his gravely.

Volunteers needed.

We are installing the Blue / Up trail.

This is a two way trail starting just west of the Sam Nye Deck overlook.

Many hands make light work.

We need volunteers to do raking, lopping, pole saw trimming, fill and tamp holes w shovel and we have two direction change switchbacks that need to be bermed.

We will have tools but if you have loppers or a good leaf rake, bring them.

We plan on driving the tools up at 9am and have to keep the gate locked.

See the comments on this Facebook page for updates or if you can come later on Sunday.

You don't have to be a NEMBA member to help out.

But be sure you've signed NEMBA's 2021 Waiver.

May be an image of map and text that says 'Potential New/Restored Trails on South Side of Sam Nye's Mountain Overlook Jacob's Ladder Trail West South Hill Trail Down Trail Up UpTrail Trail Path Cart Nye West South Hill Trail'


Cape Cod


Event Leader

Frank Merola