Central CT NEMBA Res Ride

Event Date

11/30/21 9:30am

R.I.W. Ride #4

Tuesday 11/30/2021

We will be riding the infamous and some what ancient West Hartford Reservoir.

This was one of few hot areas back in 1994 when I was starting out, however it is still a worthy ride.

With a big climb right out of the gate, it is perfect for a chilly morning ride.

We will encounter lots of trap rock tech which in my opinion is some of the hardest rock to ride due to is jagged, chock your wheels abruptly nature.

I will work in some of the more flowy trails to keep things rolling.

This is a no drop pace ride suitable for intermediate riders who at least dabble in tech.

NEMBA membership is not required but you will need to have signed the 2021 liability waiver.

We will be meeting at 9:30 am and wheels will be rolling by 9:40.

This group has been ruthless and has been pushing me to start on time so don't be late.

Plan on approximately 10 miles. 




Ride Level


Ride Style


Ride Leader Name

Tom Tyburski