GB NEMBA November Chapter Mtg Minutes

Friday, November 26, 2021


01Nov2021 GBNEMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes

@ Zoom 6:30pm


In attendance: Mary M, Bill C, Tom G, Adam G, Mark B, Corey B, Maciej S, Matthew C, Lauren K, Lee H, MCoolen, Bill B, Anne S, Ilana K, Mike O, Becky T, Rob A, Matt M, Rick F, Jon G, Naomi, Ken, Paige P, Curtis J, Frank L, Andrea J.


Action Items taken from the meeting notes below are now here at the top for easy access:


  1. Put call out for volunteers to help with trail day on December 11.
  2. Looking for representative from Burlington to greenlight the installation of the Pedro’s tool stand JRA acquired and donated to GBNEMBA.
  3. Kids ride still possible- Andrea and Maciej to find out if the Sunday after Thanksgiving will work.



I. Open Meeting


  1. Welcome new meeting participants.

Doug Milvaney, just moved to Somerville. Naomi and Ken from Maine listening in.


  1. Accepting last month's minutes motion to accept.



  1. Trail Updates


a. LLF

Mike T, Development trail at LLF: Looking at December 11th to finalize trail. Should be permitted in Burlington and Lexington soon. Will need at least 20 people for project, maybe more. Mary - engage other chapters for help. Mike - ask other local trail orgs for help. Adam, no problem getting a big turnout for LLF workdays.


Mary: From Friends of LLF meeting, looking at engaging a Burlington resident for bike tool kiosk approval, thanks to JRA cycles for providing the tools.


b. The Fells

Magic - Lots of water on trails, no trail days currently scheduled. Kids ride event in process of requiring permit. A little late for filing, hopefully not too late. The kids ride date is Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend - the 28th of November. 


Mary - Received complaint about mountain biker trail civility in the Fells.


Adam - The DCR at the Fells is having a positive experience with trail care app locating downed trees. The DCR is short staffed now due to seasonal layoffs, as a result major trail blockages may be there for a while. Blazes - DCR doing to blaze swapping/resign and using QR codes on signs to provide additional information.


c. Belmont/Beaver Brook

Adam, Trail work update - Addressed mud holes on road causeway. Looking at boardwalk on a piece of single track to address one wet muddy spot, although may propose a reroute due to the trail being located on a gas line. Worked on a section of greenway before and after the long boardwalk, worked on drainage areas and some rock armoring after the boardwalk. Next projects: switching effort to Lone Tree hill area, Tom G. Has kiosks to install - may need up to 20 volunteers for three separate projects on that day.


V. North Shore NEMBA Wicked Ride

North Shore Chapter President Frank Lane - The ride has been rescheduled due to the storm last week, the trails are still currently wet but hopefully will dry out. Online signup extended until Thursday. Reminder, if registered online please sign the waiver to be delivered by email. Please sign ahead of time. Gates locked at the venue at 4 PM due to daylight savings time.


Andrea: Wicked Ride kids ride - could use a few more helpers, ride starts at 10 am. 2 rides are happening, one is 2.5 miles, the other uses the novice loop which is 6 miles. Andrea: proposes a kid specific raffle. Questions/Thoughts/Discussion on Gift cards vs. Gear. Motion: Decided 4 gift cards from JRA and Cycle Loft - $50 each. Iliana and Curtis will assist Andrea at the kids' ride.


Leeboh: He is going to rake leaves off the boardwalk bridges on the kids ride loop. Asks if people are out at HP, please report trail issues to NS NEMBA Facebook group. He needs a few more helpers for food prep and serving at the event. Andrea will assist him after the kids ride.


Lauren K from Knobby Ride and Roll - going out on Saturday to assess the course and site. Led ride is at 1 pm. Hopefully some trail crew and volunteers can check out the adaptive equipment during the event. Frank Lane - will make sure the site is appropriate for Knobby Ride and Roll given potential wet conditions by utilizing the basketball court.



I.              VI. Medford Carr Park Pump Track

Steve P - Carr Park hasn’t been renovated in 20 years, ground up redesign. Have had a number of meetings - Resident input, some concerned, others in favor. City has hired a landscape design firm, contacted Steve and others, and asked for information about designing a pump track. Steve referred them to MV NEMBA Russell Mill crew. Project currently a 2022 funding decision. Shovel in the ground project Summer 2023, based on previous experience. Bad news - some abutters complaining to city council members but continuing plans for pump track regardless. Andrea asks - can you utilize the adjacent wooded area for potential novice and kids trails? Steve - not, lots of rock ledge and wet areas.

If interested Andrea should pursue this with the Medford conservation committee.

Paige P asks: Features or only pump track at Carr Park? Steve P Answer: Mostly skateboard specific features that you could take a bike on, the pump track would be entirely dirt. 


VII. Bike Park and Pump track discussion in general

Mary: Partnering with local youths in terms of developing local parks for bike parks providing guidance and expertise is a promising idea. Mike O'Connor is getting involved with bike park creation, a learning experience so far. Would be helpful to have documentation on pump track creation, who does the maintenance, who does the work, and a list of people who can assist. If we have this documentation future bike park builders could use this as a resource. This project is in the beginning stage. 


VIII. Bikes not Bombs

Becky T is continuing to advance a partnership between Bikes not Bombs and GB NEMBA by providing opportunities for led rides. Travis will be attending a meeting that will be hosted next week between Bikes not Bombs and members of the NEMBA equity and inclusion committee


IX. Chapter Elections

Junko looking to give up the position of treasurer if someone is willing to take it on. Going forward there will be a transition in the level of organization of chapter finances, for example guidelines and minimum reporting standards as defined by NEMBA HQ. Mary proposes additional volunteer positions:  

  1. One is a trail work event coordinator. Help with promoting events, organizing volunteers, work site coordination, acquiring lunch and snacks for volunteers.  
  2. The other is a membership liaison, welcome new members, follow-up communication after signing up, examine how the chapter engages the members.  

Each is proposed for 1-year, renewable cycle. Please follow up with Mary for more information. Chapter Elections will be in December. 


X. Bill Boles Aka the Old Coot

Bill is putting in a plug for the chapter to do a Toy drive - something to consider. Andrea replies - already doing this on November 28th at the Fells. (Joint kids ride and Toy Drive) Magic reiterates - it is late for permit, so date / location is uncertain, often the decision to allow the event is only a few days before. Andrea - Maybe the venue will change to LLF if the permit doesn’t come through in time.