GB NEMBA - September Chapter Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

13Sep2021 GBNEMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes

@ Zoom 7:00pm


In attendance: Mary M, Bill C, Tom G, Adam G, Mark B, Corey B, Maciej S, Peter C, Paige P, Craig M, Matthew C, Andrea J, Lauren K, Jon G, Lee H, M Coolen, Bill B, Junko K, Chris A, Curtis J, Will M, Matt M, Sean M, Justin N, Adam S, William B, Garry W, Larry V,


New format!

Action Items taken from the meeting notes below are now here at the top for easy access:


  1. Trail work is needed at Beaver Brook – snip n clips and general sightline maintenance


  1. Weekend rides for the Fall – local and “Field Trips”
    1. Dates
      1. 18Sep- Mark B will lead at LDT
      2. 25Sep – Mark B to lead at LDT
      3. 02Oct – Mark B leading at the Fells
      4. 09Oct – Mary M to lead at Beaver Brook
    2. GBNemba should post on various platforms something about hunting season in the chapter’s parks.
    3. Mary to connect with Becky T regarding the Bikes not Bombs initiative
    4. Potential rides at Stonybrook – we need ride guides that know the place, and more details on the event
  2.  Kids Rides – do we try to do one in October at the Fells or somewhere else or just start planning the Toys for Tots ride in November? We determined the best course of action is to reach out to Frank Lane to explore GB NEMBA ride at the Wicked Ride.
  3. Adam to bring up uniform jerseys in the next regional meeting.




  1. Open Meeting – no meeting last month means no minutes to approve


  1. Trail Updates
    1. LLF Update -Bill Boles
      1. Closed one trail after a resident complained that their yard was being used to enter the forest by all trail users. This trail has been there for as long as anyone can remember, but it is not well known.
      2. Mike T is working on the approvals for the trail by the development likely will be able to begin the trailwork the weekend of 16Oct or 23Oct.
      3. Bill walked the trails with Friends of LLF and representatives from the Pennacook tribe to get their insight and suggestions for the naming of trails in the forest- those names are being determined.
      4. There’s a rock formation that has a history with Native American beliefs- could be a nice one to point out on some of the early season rides.
      5. JRA has purchased a Pedro’s tool stand/kit to have installed at the trailhead (powerlines). We are currently seeking approval from the Town of Lexington.


  1. The Fells – Maciej Sobieszek
    1. The DCR has been buried this year and has not been very easy to get in touch with for planning trail work at the Fells.
    2. We are seeking a wetland permit so we can work on some consistently wet sections around Sheepfold.


  1. Beaver Brook/Western Greenway – Tom Grimble
    1. Did some recent clean up of fallen trees on a few areas and noted the entire corridor needs work from snip and clips to other sightline work.
    2. We need to get some trail days down on the calendar asap.


  1. Kids Rides
    1. Will we do one in October? Andrea Mentioned reaching out to the DCR for the permit
      1. Question arose as to whether we should just get a permit for the Toys for Tots ride in November instead of an October ride as well.
      2. Lee H mentioned North Shore Nemba could arrow a kid’s course at the Wicked Ride to help with getting an October kids ride on the calendar.


  1. New business
    1. A suggestion for weekend GB Nemba rides was floated and was well received. We’ve spoken about this in the past. Weekend rides for the Fall – both local and “Field Trips” to other chapter’s trails. We determined a few for this year:
        1. 18Sep- Mark B will lead at LDT
        2. 25Sep – Mark B to lead at LDT
        3. 02Oct – Mark B leading at the Fells
        4. 09Oct – Mary M to lead at Beaver Brook
          1. Sweeps will be contacted -there were a few volunteers in the meeting.
        5. Bill Boles offered up leading a couple of rides on the Cape in the winter for another of the “Field Trip” series.


    1. It’s been noted that the current GB NEMBA ride guide jerseys are too warm in the summer. Could we get new ones that are more breathable?
    2. Could we get bright jerseys as this would help leads and sweeps see each other during the ride. SNH NEMBA has very bright ones – would be a good idea to ask where they got them.
    3. Could NEMBA eventually have uniform jerseys across the chapters and make them easy to access for each chapter?


  1. Next meeting 04Oct2021 at 7:00PM
  2. 7:59pm - MEETING ADJOURNS