GB NEMBA - January Chapter Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

04Jan2021 GBNEMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes @ Zoom 6:30pm

In attendance: 34 People. Mary McCarthy, Barry Moore, Bill Cohn, Tom Grimble, Adam Glick, Maciej, Corey Bollier, Chris Andrews, Mark Bialis, Jon G, Lee Hollenbeck, Old Coot, Lauren Kling, Curtis Jackson, Lauren Lasky, Mike T, Rick Forseze, Becky, Anna Chase, Paige Parker, Anne Raymond, Abigail Coyle +1, Sean Erickson, Dave Vance, Alexi Conine, Jason K, Ilana, Brian Kimball, Sandra O, Anita B, Larry V, Eli Levine, Doug, Scott Shedeck, Bill Sterling, Brian Weston, Jason Anker

  1. Open Meeting
  2. Accept the Minutes – Thank you Corey Bollier!
    1. Can we start posting these minutes on the GBNemba page of Yes!
  1. Trail Updates – Western Greenway – ATTENTION Annual WLT Walk Saturday Jan. 9 1:00- 2:30PM – asked attendees to spread the word and be respectful.
  2. Trail Updates on Landlocked Forest - Trail Naming Project in progress
  3. Trail Updates on The Fells - Boardwalk proposal still under review
  4. Brighton’s Ringer Park Initiative - Dave Vance update, there is a town meeting (Jan 26th at 6:00-7:30 PM. It will be over ZOOM) but at this stage there is not a need for members to attend. Learn more at the Facebook page: Ringer Bike Park (Allston/Brighton)
  • VII. All Things Fat Biking
    1. Trail Grooming – Barry Moore – Barry gave a genuinely nice, detailed description of what goes into grooming trails – timing, equipment, technique. Overall grooming has been great.
      1. The main issue we all must contend with is that most trail systems are multi- use. When a trail is groomed, all users flock to that network. Just because a mountain biker groomed a trail does not make the trail only for mountain bikers.
      2. It is possible to fix chewed up trails, so not all is lost.
      3. The first 5 riders after a grooming are key to setting that tread, they will likely not make many climbs (spin out) and it is up to them to create the path off the tread for walking. Once done, it is more likely that other users will see the tracks to the side and follow suit.
    2. Ideal Trail Conditions for Riding – Adam Glick.
      1. Adam went over the dos and don’ts of winter riding.
      2. Pay attention to freeze thaw cycles. When above freezing be cautious if the ground is not frozen and you are leaving ruts and that is bad.
      3. If the ground is frozen, have at it! No one is going to hurt the trail when it is frozen. Hero dirt all the way.
      4. iv. It the trail is less than frozen, the top inch becomes like cake-batter and all the footprints and ruts get created, then refreeze causing all those nasty bumps and degrading the trail overall.
    3. Gear – Chris Andrews, Mary Mc, & Adam – Everyone welcome to chime in!
      1. People came up with a large list of their favorite winter riding gear: Bar Mitts, winter riding shoes/boots, gloves, hand warmers, electric socks, electric vests.
      2. Tips: carry extra warmers for those times when there is a mechanical
      3. Winter riding is an exercise in moisture/thermal management, layers are important!
      4. When using a camelback, blow the water back into the hose to help avoid it from freezing in the hose.
      5. Fill Camelbak with warm water. Not only will it take longer to freeze- it also helps keep you warm.
      6. Industrial mats for bike storage- especially helpful in protecting your floor from road salt.
      7. Stop at a car wash to clean up your bike, but do not use high pressure on your bike.
  1. Pointers for a new fat bike rider – Open
    1. Pedal smooth, too much and you will spin out.
    2. Shift up a gear- it helps.
    3. Check your tire pressure at the trailhead, not before you leave your house- that drive might affect the psi.


  1. NEMBA Women’s Summit – 2021?
    1. a. It was postponed due to COVID. If it were to be rescheduled to August, would people attend? Should we just plan to have it virtually? Last time at the event, people were in sessions during the day, but could not wait to get outside to ride. Maybe virtual could work. The consensus in the meeting seemed interested in this. MSM to bring feedback back to the planning committee and report back at next Chapter meeting.
  1. Greater Boston NEMBA – What do you want to focus on in 2021? Opened to everyone to chime in:
    1. More rides
    2. More trail maintenance. A lot was planned for 2020, but due to COVID-19, much of it was cut down. We still managed to get in many days of work at LLF and a few at Beaver Brook and the Fells.
    3. More trail building.


  • XII. New Business
    1. Lot 1 at Western Greenway has a bunch of low hanging branches, can anyone just cut these?
      Yes, use the method to determine what should be cut- within your arm’s reach on from the center of a trail and it’s fair game. If the cut requires a chainsaw, do not cut it. Let someone in NEMBA know and we will get someone authorized to use a chainsaw on the trail to handle it.
  1. Next meeting Monday, February 1 at 6:30PM