Bear Brook progress statement

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Leaders from SNH NEMBA (Matt Caron, Kathy Evans, Peter DeSantis and Dan Sloan) and NEMBA’s director, Philip Keyes, met with DRED’s director of Parks & Recreation, the bureau chief of trail, the foresters for the region, the land manager, regional supervisor and a representative from the division of forestry.

The purpose of the meeting was have DRED re-open the Bear Brook extension trail that parallels One Mile Road and to get SNH NEMBA’s 5-year trail plan for the park back on track. We’re pleased to report that DRED will be fast-tracking the process of re-opening the trail and will be reviewing the specifics of the next elements of the 5-year plan so that this plan is coordinated along with input from other user groups.

According to DRED, they were faced with a dilemma about re-opening the trail after the logging because the trail was not on their recreation map (though it was on a 1991 forestry resource map). Since the trail is not officially recognized, DRED must submit it to State Land Management Team for review. This will take place at the committee’s next meeting on the 1st Tuesday in June. DRED leadership believes that authorizing this trail to become part of the official trail inventory at Bear Brook should not be a problem.

We thank everyone for communicating with DRED, and we’re optimistic that the trail will be re-opened.

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