SE MA NEMBA Cutler Park Bridge Work


5/2/21 9:00am

SE MA NEMBA Bridge Repair at Cutler Park

Do you love Cutler Park?

Would you be willing and able to help move the decking to and from two bridges, with us? And nail down a nice new deck?

Are you good with a hammer, a crowbar?

You'll like this one.

These bridges are just an accident waiting to happen. If you've ridden here lately you know what I mean.

This coming Sunday morning, May 2, we will be redecking the two smaller bridges in Cutler Park.

The decking is really rotted but the stringers and footings are solid. We should be able to ‘bang out’ both quickly.

If we start at 9, we should be done by 12 at the latest! Meeting on the Blue Heron Trail, at the west end of the long bridge to Powell’s Island, where the lumber will be staged.

Ride or walk out from Kendrick street or Great Plain Ave.

There are a limited number of spots so email or text me to let me know you’ll be there! Or, contact me if you have any questions.

We ESPECIALLY need some young backs and energy to help move the new planks in and the old ones out!

   Be sure to sign NEMBA's annual waiver if you haven't already done so.






SE Mass


Event Leader

Steve Cobble